Randy Scott
Randy Scott
Great staff....
Julia Teeter
Julia Teeter
This is a very comfortable place to get adjusted.
Carol Meda
Carol Meda
Thanks to Falks Family and Total Health; I can now have pain free movement of neck and back. Healing took time and work, but so worth it all. Dr. Rob and the Staff were so kind and supportive.
Christina Marie
Christina Marie
Definitely would recommend. Very nice staff!!!
Steve Hylton
Steve Hylton
After a little wait while they entered my info, they proceeded to give me as good an exam as I’ve ever had, then went out of their way to work with my needs to set up my next visit. Haven’t had an adjustment yet, but so far, so goof!
Jim Wilmot
Jim Wilmot
Dr. Rob and the entire staff are outstanding, helpful and professional. I have had several bouts with my back and they have been quick to respond to get me back on the straight and narrow with my back. Thanks to all at Falk Family Total Health
Brandon Chrisco
Brandon Chrisco
Got referred by a friend, so I made an appointment. I will say that the staff are very friendly and very professional. They make you feel like family when your there. Very fast and very through with what they do. I will definitely make them my new chiropractor service from now on.
Katerina Musetti
Katerina Musetti
Dr. Falk is amazing! Not only are his adjustments fantastic but his knowledge in the many aspects of natural healing are formidable. His staff is fantastic as well as the surroundings which are peaceful and energetic offering a balance that is complete and whole.

SUCCESS STORY: John, P. 6/16/23
Neck – Mid-Back – Lower Back You have lessened the severity of my pain by regular adjustments.

SUCCESS STORY: Karen F. 6/14/23
Dr Falk has a high degree of patience and educational skills. He never gives up, and continues to strive to fix your pain and problems. Has a Staff of kindness and compassion.

SUCCESS STORY: Marcia M. 6/14/23
I have had a history of pain in my back and legs over the years. Dr. Rob Stinson has kept my spine in good alignment after routine adjustments. Now my back pain resolves with home stretches, and I’m able to function and care for my husband who is frail and needs care. I enjoy coming to see Dr. Rob. He is very encouraging and supportive. He is a great educator. I intend to follow my health plan, and have routine adjustments to maintain my health to keep going.

SUCCESS STORY: Charlie, A. 6/14/23
Neck/Knee pain. Both are much better thanks to Dr. Falk and Staff, and Regenerative Cell Therapy. I consider Dr. Falk a main doctor in my life.

SUCCESS STORY: David, G. 6/13/23
Crippling spinal deterioration. Dr. Falk keeps me walking.

SUCCESS STORY: Sharon B. 6/12/23
I came to Dr. Falk because I was getting terrible migraines almost everyday. Now I hardly ever get one now, and I am in so much less pain.

SUCCESS STORY: Bryan F. 6/7/23
Right shoulder & Right hip pain. Through regular treatment and massage therapy, these areas have greatly improved. I am more than satisfied with the care received at Falk Family Total Health.

SUCCESS STORY: Carolyn L. 6/2/23
Dizziness is 98% better. Hip and knee pain has improved.

SUCCESS STORY: Keeney, B. 6/2/23
Sore knee, lower back pain and left shoulder pain. I can now walk more easily and further. I have far less back pain. My shoulder has more range of motion.

SUCCESS STORY: Holly B. – 3/31/23
I am able to live my life again. I can work, exercise, play with my kids and dogs without excruciating pain.

SUCCESS STORY: Kaleb H. – 3/29/23
Falk Family is great ! Made the process super easy and were extremely flexible with my schedule.

SUCCESS STORY: James C. – 3/29/23
When I started treatment, I couldn’t get around in my daily routine without pain, sleep, walking or sitting. Now I feel about 70% better.

SUCCESS STORY: Marcia M. – 3/22/23
I’m doing great ! I have much less pain, and when I come to see Dr. Rob for adjustments, I’m so pleased to be able to get back to my daily routine – Great Staff who work hard, and very caring.

SUCCESS STORY: Heather Y. – 2/16/23
My neck pain was so bad when I started coming, and now it is minimal and I feel great !

SUCCESS STORY: Munch, E. 2/6/23
My range of motion is so much better. Also, my mid-thoracic spine felt locked up for years…. but now it is going away.

I was having severe back pain and spasm that would make me stop mid-stride. The frequency, duration and intensity is tremendously reduced. I feel so much better and have resumed normal activity.

I have a definite decrease in pain and a better lifestyle, due to a consistent regiment of adjustments and massage with Falk Family Total Health.

I had bilateral feet pain from constant waking on concrete from new job. I had inserts made for my shoes. Dr. Rob started adjusting my feet, ankles and back. My feet pain has practically resolved ! My low back pain has diminished as well. The deep tissue massage help release muscle tension, which also helped relieve my low back and hip pain. My posture was horrible prior to starting treatments. My husband noticed substantial improvement after 12 adjustments.

My feet, back and knee were my problems. I was in pain all the time. As long as I get regular adjustments, I can live a normal life thanks to Dr. Rob.

I fell backward off my deck. Severe left hip and low back pain. I went to McLeod ER and then to OrthoSC. The xray and MRI showed no problems in my hip. I was unable to walk, stand or do anything without pain. The ER gave me lidocaine patches, Ortho gave me Prednisone. Neither did anything to lessen my pain. After 1 month, I came back here. Dr. Falk worked his magic and I was able to stand up straight and the constant pain was no longer constant. This was after seeing him once. It’s been 2 1/2 months since my fall. I still come here and am doing much better.

My neck pain was so bad when I started coming, and now it is minimal and I feel great !

I feel like Dr. Falk keeps me walking and prevents age-related deterioration.

I was experiencing severe neck pain radiating into my left shoulder, chest, back and arm. I had minimal range of motion due to the pain. Through therapy and adjustments, Dr. Rob helped me regain range of motion in my neck and left arm, and the pain is improving daily.

Pinched nerve in neck and lower back pain. Occasional light pain from time to time. 90% improvement since starting here. Staff and doctors helped me get better.

My range of motion is great and my lower back is much improved. Educational offerings are very helpful.

At first it was my knee and lower back. I injured them moving quickly in a hurry in a small area. Pain meds from regular Dr. helped, but did not fix anything. Dr. Falk and Susan, by doing regular adjustments and massage therapy, has made it possible for me to stay mostly out of great pain, making it possible to live a fairly comfortable life. As long as I see them regularly, I am only in minor pain as a rule, but when I do work and life in general, I get things out of alignment which drives my pain up very high at times, but they always seen to make things work better.

SUCCESS STORY: Lisa M – 2/3/23
Migraines – adjustments have lessened the amount that I have.
Acid Reflux – taking Papaya Enzymes at the suggestion of Dr. Falk has stopped the Acid Reflux.
TMJ – adjustments have relieved some of the tension in my jaw.

SUCCESS STORY: Stephen M. – 11/14/22
My mobility has been improved. Overall better sense of well-being. Motivated to keep improving.

SUCCESS STORY: Randall J. – 11/11/22
Low back pain. Falk Family Total Health treated my low back pain with ice and stem plus Dr. Rob’s expertise adjusting and correcting my back. It’s really helped and I’ll continue coming here for that relief.

SUCCESS STORY: Sara S – 10/25/22
After falling I had severe back pain. I no longer have any pain whatsoever.

SUCCESS STORY: Kathy B – 10/25/22
I had a great deal of pain in my neck and back. Dr. Falk has helped me immensely!

SUCCESS STORY: Patrick J – 10/21/22
Lower back pain was severe, but decreased dramatically once I started regularly going to Dr. Rob.

SUCCESS STORY: Brian F – 10/5/22
Dr. Falk has helped me a great deal over the time that I ‘ve been coming. My back pain is nearly gone, and my hip pain which was bad, has been nearly eliminated. I would recommend this practice to anyone to help them maintain optimum mobility. The Staff and Susan are great!

SUCCESS STORY: Karen EH – 10/14/22
Dr. Falk keeps my pain level down and helps me keep going. Susan is a big part with her massage that keeps me moving and fairly comfortable.

SUCCESS STORY: Don D – 10/14/22
Back injury with sciatica. No more back problem

SUCCESS STORY: Carolyn L – 101822
My dizziness is much better. Hip and Knee pain has improved some.

SUCCESS STORY: Bruno M – 10/19/22
Injured neck back and foot. Releived pressure (pain), improved range of motion, relieved stress, eysight improved, standing (better posture), better sleep, improved understanding somewhat.

SUCCESS STORY: Ryan C – 10/18/22
I had back and rib pain everyday and all day at work. Now, I can go most of my 12 hr. shifts without constant pain.

SUCCESS STORY: Dorothy N – 10/19/22
Knees and feet were the worst. Shots did not help. Now I take short walks areound Marina with little or no pain. Thank you Dr. Falk !

SUCCESS STORY: Tosha W – 10/19/22
I came in originally for hip pain. It’s taken a few months, but now I don’t really notice it – even in my line of work. I still plan to follow the recommendations given to me, and to keep making my appointments for my long term health.

SUCCESS STORY: Regina F – 10/8/22
Arms numb/tingling sometimes limp. Finally normal feeling and usage.

SUCCESS STORY: Diane F – 9/8/22
Lower back pain and sciatica down right leg. I’ve been helped so much in a short period of time. Wish I had come sooner !. Dr. Falk is the best !

SUCCESS STORY: Tracey A – 9/27/22
When I came to Falk Family Total Health, I was dealing with chronic back and knee pain. The was in March 2022. Now we are in September 2022 and I am sleeping better, walking long and a little more felixble. Able to stand longer thanks for Dr. Rob, Massage Therapist Susan, and the most beautiful staff. They treated me like family and pray for me. Now I’m in a better place. I appreciate the whole Total Health Family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !

Pain has decreased since I started seeing Dr. Rob. When I don’t go for a couple of weeks the pain returns.

David G – 9/14/22
Bad back. Dr. Falk keeps me walking.

Baldwin O. – 9/8/22
Lower back pain/hip – Since treatment the pain has been almost non-existent.

Donna D. – 9/8/22
Extreme fatigue is now moderate fatigue. Endurance increased. Able to join a moderate exercise program at the gym. Able to have a house party. My patience has increased. 73’s not looking so bad.

David W. – 9/6/22
Low back pain. Adjustments help keep me from going downhill. This allows me to get some things done around the house.

Cherie C. – 9/6/22
Pain in neck, mid-back and lower much less.

Ryan C. – 9/1/22
Falk Family Chiropractic and Wellness has helped me feel better, relieved much of my pain and increased my daily ease of movement.

Charlie A. – 8/31/22
I feel good enough to go to the gym twice a week – Thanks !

Barbara I. – 8/29/22
Improvement in left arm tingling. More range of motion and awareness of correct posture. Less back pain.

Betty G. – 8/29/22′
Back & Neck – Thank the Lord that it has improved with this therapy. I would recommend you guys to anyone that has back issues.

Sara S. – 8/25/22
Severe pain in back and inner thigh cause by falling twice. Your treatment eliminated my pain.

Eric D. – 8/15/22
Neck and lower back always hurt – with age getting worse. Happy to find a good Chiropractor to keep me mobile.

Karen H. – 8/23/22
Lower back pain, severe knee and shoulder and neck pain. I still have problems with all the above, but because of Dr. Falk, it is better. I can move and do things better and feel better as long as I continue to see him regularly!

James H. – 8/5/22
My neck, legs and lower back hurt all the time. Now, ther is some pain, but life is so much better.

Debbie D.
My sciatica, back and neck pain have improved. I think my pain level was a 9 or 10 when I first started. It is probably 40 – 50% better.

Robert F. – 8/1/22
My problem: Expediting leg and hip problems, which affected my ability to walk. Also have neck problems which has affected my head movement frm side to side. With extensive hip and neck adjustments, I have seen good improvement in my ability to walk with much less pain. My neck pain and discomfort is much better. My ability to turn my head is much improved. Many thanks to Dr. Falk and his excellent team fo rall the help I have received.

Karen F.
My primary problems are multiple sclerosis-related. But due to Dr. Falk’s availability of procedures and his patience, my issues are resolving. I have received ozone therapy and is making a difference in how I feel and are able to function.

James W.
Im am so thankful for my spinal treatments by Dr. Rob. He has helped me to function and avoid surgery.

Randy K – 7/28/22
Severe back pain constantly. Better mobility and less pain.

Sara S – 7/27/22
Pinched nerve and in significant pain and walking with walker. Pain has decreased and walking without help.

Barbara H – 7/27/22
When I first came I could not swallow without a lot of difficulty. Now my swallowing and neck are much much better!

Falk Chiropractic has helped me a lot so far. Associates so helpful and polite. Couldn’t ask for a better place to get healthy again! Thank you Ladies and Dr. Falk !

Catherine G – 7/20/22
I have been in a great deal of pain, unable to move much. I am slowly feeling better and hopeful to be back to my previous activity level in the near future.

Sonnie G – 7/18/22
Back was severe at times, but coming here puts me back to work an everyday activities.

Trudy B – 7/14/22
Range of motion. Able to turn neck and arms better. Helped w/driving (backing up) and by golf game.

Ron M – 7/14/22
When I first came in, I was in so much pain in my neck area it became unbearable. Since treatment, the pain is 95% gone. Dr. Rob is a great doctor. Would highly recommend.

Tim B – 7/14/22
I had a lot of pain in my neck and arms from work. Dr. Rob has done wonders, helping me with pain and mobility. I have a greater range of motion and a lot less pain. Thanks so much !

Denise B – 7/14/22
Back issues from fall – round shoulders (family heredity) I always feel better after an adjustment.

Kathy T – 7/13/22
Car accident caused much pain in left lower back, leg, left shoulder and arm, neck and right shoulder. Pain was constant even when lying down. Has improved and can lie down and sleep with ice. Gets worse at times…but no longer constant.

Karen EH – 7/13/22
Arthritis and gout, neck, shoulders, knees, ankles, heel, back hips and headaches. Being adjusted regularly and Massage Therapy help keep me moving. Headaches minimal and reduced pain.

Nancy H – 7/11/22
Shoulder in severe pain and could not move without pain. Able to move arm sometimes with almost unnoticable pain. Range of movement has improved substantially.

Mason S. – July 8, 2022
Back pain and Spasms. Helped relieve tension and soreness. Eliminated the spasms completely.

Brian F – 7/6/22
When I started coming to Falk Family Total Health, I could not move my right shoulder without a great deal of discomfort. My right hip also hurt all the time. Now, both are much better with little or no pain and great mobility. Dr. Falk has helped with other issues as well (feet/toes/neck). Coming to Dr. Falk is an important part of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Fraizier, R – 7/1/11
Low back pain/tightness. Adjustments and stretching/mobility work really helped.

Marilyn A – 6/27/22
Lower back ache and curved spine. No longer have back pain. Dr. Rob did a lot of adjustments and I feel much better.

Nora F. – June 2022
Moderate to severe neck and shoulder pain with movement. Regular treatments gave relief and gradually reduced pain to a minimum. At present, receiving helpful relief with low back pain.

Donald D. – June 2022
In the month of April 2022, my activities were limited. I needed assistance to walk, getting in and out of bed, etc. After treatments, now I feel almost normal, and I feel that over activity on the farm is hindering my progress. Overall, I am amazed with my progress from start to this day.

Johnny V. – June 2022
Back and leg pain severity reduced.

Carol B. – June 2022
My problem was lower back pain. When I started my treatment with Dr. Falk, it was very hard and painful getting up, sitting down and getting out of bed. After 1 month of treatment ( 3X a week )., it’s much easier and less painful to do either. I’m very happy with my progress. Thanks Dr. Falk and Staff.

Joann R – 6/10/22
“Daily” headaches for 1.5 years – Neck chiropractic adjustments helped improve intensity & frequency of those headaches. Also, a visual hump back of my neck/cervical area greatly reduced.

Jeremy L – 6/7/22
Numbness & tingling in hands/finger has greatly been reduced. Daily headaches/bodyaches are managable

Karen H – 6/3/22
Back, headaches, neck, knee pain. Being adjusted and having Massage Therapy has greatly improved my mobility and reduced pain….when I can faithfully come to be treated.

Dave G – 6/8/22
I was nearly crippled when starting. Dr. Falk keeps me walking.

David P – 6/1/11
I had woken up with debilitating back pain while at work. After 1 month, I have been able to work worry free. I still suffer from pain from time to time, but with minimal issues.

Kathy S 4/29/22
Horrible neck pain, sciatica. I didn’t know chiropractic care could improve my pain so much! It has also given me hope, and rekindled my motivation I lost due to never feeling well.

Allen H 4/24/22
I had lower back pain and spine that was not straight. Pain has been nearly eliminated completely, and I expect it to be eliminated soon.

Karen F 4/5/22
I was diagnosed with MS 35 yrs. ago. I have been seeing Dr. Falk for 3 yrs. I have had ozone therapy as part of my treatments. He doesn’t give up. He is the best, including his staff. Has an excellent Nurse Practitioner as well.

Gail W 4/1/22
The initial pain levels prevented me from walking in stores, on the beach, or going for walks. Jumping legs used to be an everyday occurrence. Sitting for any length of time brought on the jumping leg syndrome. Now, there are days that I feel like I did 20 yrs. ago. I know when I need an adjustment, and after the appointment., I am on my way to feeling great again.

David P 3/11/22
Neck and back is much better.

Janice C 3/15/22
Stiffness & Pain – able to move better w/less pain.

Philip M 3/28/22
Lateral neck movement – released tension and movement. Left Knee pain – not sore now

Mina Velez M 3/28/22
Since coming to Falk’s, Ive noticed a decrease in pain, and incease in mobility and flexibility.
I am no longer in pain halfway thru my work shift, and can sleep at night fully.

Annette B 3/25/22
I could not bear weight on my left leg, and pain lying down. No pain and my left leg is great !

Debra C 3/21/22
With treatments and adjustments and God’s help….. I have more mobility in right arm/shoulder, less pain and better posture practices

Ringo R – 1/4/22
Thanks to the regular PT and adjustments from Dr. Rob, I have experienced immediate and sustained relief. There is no doubt in my mind I made the right decision to come in.

Gayle S – 1/28/22
Hip, Leg pain and spasms all gone – No Pain

Robert P – 1/31/22
Back, leg and neck pain. Could barley walk/limp. On the first adjustment my neck was fixed, and I was able to walk without a limp. After several more adjustments, my back became better and I felt less pain doing things. Thank you Dr. Rob and all the Staff at Falk Family Total Health. I can now walk without pain or limp. My neck is good and back is OK. This is great because before moving to SC, my Ortho wanted to operate again. Thank you again, Dr. Rob & Staff

Karen F – 1/14/22
My problems were neurological in addition to arthritis. I have improved my daily activities. I ambulate much better, have more energy, have less joint pain and am able to drive, which I couldn’t before I started with Dr. Falk.

Shemika S – 1/18/22
After being in a car accident, my right upper body, neck and back limited by mobility. The pain was intense. After being treated, I can tell the difference. More flexible mobility and less pain throughout the day

Joann B – 2/7/22
I was having trouble with my eyesight and had spasms. I had severe lower back and shoulder pain. Now I can see much better, and my lower back and shoulder pain is slowly decreasing.

Denise B – 2/7/22
I fell on my back on ice 5 yrs. ago and right side lower back has pain. Dr. Rob helped tremendously in relieving the pain and Susan’s Massages help as well.

Jannetta S – 2/9/22
Painful neck with dizziness causing vertigo, stiffness and difficulty turning neck. Lower back and hip pain sometimes running down righ leg. Neck and back feels better. I can move easier without aches and pains. Vertigo is still happening, but doesn’t seem to last long.

Peggy T – 2/16/22
Migraines – Have not had one since coming here.

Jean B – 2/17/22
My feet hurt, my back and knees. The pain kept me from doing things. My continuous treatment keeps me going.

Barbara C – 2/18/22
My back and neck have greatly improved.

Brian S – 2/18/22
I can move more freely – Less pain – More active

Charlene A – 2/22/22
Knee pain getting much better – Regenerative replacement worked !

Julian S – 2/23/22
Helped me become more mobile, so that I can perform move task.

Hetal P – 2/24/22
My shoulder and upper and lower back pain is reduced.

Christina G – 2/25/22
My excruciating back pain is so much more managed. Significantly less pain an sensitivity.

Shirley S – 2/25/22
Still improving when I get to keep my appointments.

Robin S – 2/25/22
Severe lower back pain and right shoulder pain – getting adjusted on a regular basis seems to have helped.

Shoulder hurt to move sideways away from body just 6 inches. Now, almost totally flexible.
– Robert B.

Shoulder, neck and back pain are almost completely gone! Range of motion returned and strength as well.
– Bradley J.

My sciatica has been a problem for years, and with regular chiropractic care it’s under control.
– Ruth K.

Back and neck pain. I was helped more than I thought I would be.
– Salvatore C.

I had severe lower back pain that limited me from bending, getting in and out of car, putting on shoes, etc. Now, I have little to no issues
– James I.

My neck and back can move so much better now. Thank you for the excellent care!
– Georgia W.

Mid back, shoulder, hip and leg pain. Mostly gone away.
– Charles S.

Shoulder is better. Joints are moving better.
– Frankie V.

Still able to play golf
– John F.

Still improving when I keep my appointments.
– Shirley S.

Neck hurt so bad that eating, sleeping and maintaining situational awareness were compromised. All these are better now with only sudden flare-ups.
– Robert R.

Great Care.
– James F.

Helped me become more mobile so that I can perform more tasks.
– Julian S.

My excruciating back pain is so much more managed. Significantly less pain and sensitivity.
– Christina V.

Severe lower back pain and right shoulder pain. Getting adjusted on a regular basis seems to have helped.
– Robin S.

Due to my injuries in late 2020, I am in pain most of the time. Visits here helps me stay mobile and NO Surgery !
– Betty P.

After treatments, I have little to no pain at all. Dr. Rob is quick, efficient and cares about me as a patient and as a person.
– Nick, B.