Trauma, crossing legs, sleeping wrong, sports


Knees can become misaligned, just like vertebra which leads to the joint not functioning properly. If part of the knee joint is not moving correctly, then nutrients may not be able to get into the joint surfaces allowing wastes to build up which leads to destructive osteoarthritis. Trauma to the knee can cause the meniscus, a fibrous cushion between the bones of the knee to tear and become painful.

Treatment We Offer

Chiropractic – our doctors can re-align the knee joint restoring better function and relieving knee pain. We offer rehab to help the muscles and ligaments to heal to the more correct motion of the knee.

Restorative/Regenerative Services – Our Nurse Practitioner uses several different Natural Treatments, including the newest cutting-edge Cellular Therapy that stimulates the body’s Natural Healing response with NO Downtime. By increasing the body’s Natural Healing Process, damaged tissue may be able to heal, leading to a more comfortable and happier life, free from aches, pain and improved mobility. Many of our patients have avoided or canceled a surgery!

Natural joint injections – to help alleviate pain, such as gel injections (Hyaluronic acid), Traumeel (Homeopathic pain reliever and anti-inflammatory)

Therapeutic Massage – to correct the muscle, tendon and other fascial problems that can affect knee function, especially important for those who have had knee replacements.