Trauma, twisting the ankle, jumping, running overuse, sleeping wrong, sports, auto accidents.


The joints of the foot can become misaligned, just like vertebra which leads to the joint not functioning properly. There are 26 bones in each foot which need to function properly and be aligned correctly for proper foot function. If the joints of the foot are jammed or not moving correctly, then nutrients may not be able to get into the joint surfaces allowing wastes to build up which leads to destructive osteoarthritis. A foot that is not function properly may be very painful causing pain on any part of the foot. A ‘flat foot’ is simply a fallen arch that has never been properly corrected. A fallen arch or constantly walking in shoes without an arch can lead to plantar fasciitis, heal spurs, weakened foot bones and stress fractures. Toes that are misaligned can lead to bunions. Other misaligned bones of the foot can be very painful as well.

Treatment We Offer

Chiropractic – our doctors can re-align the joints of the foot restoring better function and relieving pain and restoring function. To help get the arch back in the foot, we can make a mold of the foot and send it off for a custom orthotic. We also correct and problems with associated areas surrounding the foot including the knee, ankle, hip and lower back where nerves can be pinched causing sciatic pain into the foot.

Restorative/Regenerative Services – There are several different natural treatments that our Nurse Practitioner uses to restore normal joint mobility that can cause a positive affect the arthritis of the joint structures. Ozone, PRP and other regenerative services have proven very affective with ankle pain and foot problems, many times reducing arthritis effects.

Natural joint injections – to help alleviate pain, such as Traumeel (Homeopathic anti-inflammatory)

Trigger point injections – to help break up scar tissue in the plantar fascia relieving fasciitis and neuropathy.

Therapeutic Massage – to correct the muscle, tendon and other fascial problems that can affect the foot and lower leg function, releasing adhesions and scar tissue from prior injury and overuse of the leg.