Trauma, reaching, lifting, poor posture, sleeping wrong, sports, auto accidents.


Elbows can become misaligned, just like vertebra which leads to the joint not functioning properly. If one or more of the joints of the Elbow are jammed or not moving correctly, then nutrients may not be able to get into the joint surfaces, allowing wastes to build up which leads to destructive osteoarthritis. This can occur in either of the joints of the Elbow, the Humeral-ular joint and the Unlar-radial joints These joints are commonly misaligned leading to elbow pain and associated muscle pain, as well as referring pain to the wrist, often causing carpal tunnel to be misdiagnosed.

Treatment We Offer

Chiropractic – our doctors can re-align the joints of the elbow restoring better function and relieving pain. We offer rehab to help the muscles and ligaments to heal to the more correct motion of the elbow joints.

Restorative/Regenerative Services – There are several different natural treatments that our Nurse Practitioner uses to restore normal joint mobility that can cause a positive affect on the arthritis of the joint structures. Ozone, PRP and other restorative/regenerative services have proven very affective with elbow problems.

Natural joint injections – to help alleviate pain, such as Traumeel (Homeopathic anti-inflammatory)

Therapeutic Massage – to correct the muscle, tendon and other fascial problems that can affect elbow function, releasing adhesions and scar tissue from prior injury and overuse.